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Hearthstone Education Plan

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Age Groups

Skill Achievements for Core Courses:  

Click here for list of skills to be mastered in each of the core courses for each age group. 

Liberty's Hope 

Resources for elective courses


Optional Achievement Program 

Knickerbockers  (age 3-8)

Homeschool Resources

 for Every Age!

The Core Years:  0-8    Planting and nurturing the seeds of self, family, and community

Infant - Preschool:   (0-4 years)  Our resources in this category help parents discover early what they can do to create a positive educational environment for their children.  It is never too early to start! The relationship parents build with their children in the early years and their teaching and instruction of family values lay the foundation for successful education later on.

Primary and Junior A:  (4-8 years)  Many children show an interest in learning how to read and to count and to discover more about the world around them.  Our resources for the Primary age groups will help parents support their child in their natural curiosity during this young age to preserve and encourage a love for learning throughout their life.  Primary children (4-6) will have a shorter attention span and should not be expected to participate in "structured school time" for long periods.  They may show some interest in reading and math and parents may introduce reading and math lessons based on their interest.  Junior A children (6-8) may be ready to participate in "structured school time" for a few hours each day or may enroll in a private school such as Kimber Academy. 

The Elementary Years:  8-12  Fostering a Love for Learning

Junior B:  (8-12 years) Children move into the Junior B class after demonstrating proficiency with basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.   These students participate in group lectures for Religious Studies and History/Literature and follow an individualized course guide for Math and Language Arts.   As these students participate in family science projects, they begin to create their own textbook for each area of scientific study. 

Learning for Life Years:  12 and up  

                                       Strengthening the Heart and Mind; Serving with Strength and Might

Senior:  (ages 12+)  All Senior students participate in the same group lecture for Religious studies and History.   The courses are self-paced for math and language arts, but some group instruction may be beneficial.  Senior students should complete their science textbooks for each area of scientific study.  Many senior students will complete their studies before they are 18.  We recommend that these students look into early college options to begin accumulating credit on a college transcript. 

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