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American History

Click here to download Essential Skills and Knowledge for Senior American History

Excellent Resource for American History: 

Kimber Academy:  God's Hand in the Building of America

Welcome to "Hook Date" American History

This course if for students 12 and older.  Students who have participated in the Well-Educated Heart program will now have a reservoir of stories about the countries of the world.  This course will help students organize their stories in a time line and add to their knowledge for studying American History in greater depth.   

The "hook-date" method is a great way organize historical facts and stories.   Students are encouraged to memorize the hook dates with their key personalities and dates at the beginning of this course.  They will be amazed at how easy it is for all the stories to fall into place with these hook-dates in mind.

Student-created history textbooks

We encourage students to create a "textbook" that illustrates and describes the events in American History. Click here for more information.   

To prepare a textbook follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a binder and design a cover page
  2. Organize the binder into 10 sections - one for each "hook date" listed below
  3. Add maps, illustrations, stories and writing samples that correspond to each of the "hook dates" 
  4. Continue to add to your American History Textbook for the next 6 years as you study American History
  5. Great resource for time lines!

American History Hook Dates

Click here to view slide presentation on the 10 American History Hook Dates.   

A.D. 1215

King John

Magna Charta

List of Stories

A.D. 1991

George Bush

A New Role for America

List of Stories

A.D. 1492


Discovery of America

List of Stories

A.D. 1607

John Smith

Settling of Jamestown

List of Stories

A.D. 1776

Thomas Jefferson

America declares her independence

List of Stories

A.D. 1913

Woodrow Wilson

America Re-evaluates

List of Stories

A.D. 1787

George Washington

Structuring a Constitution

List of Stories

A.D. 1830

Andrew Jackson

The Age of Reform

List of Stories

A.D. 1945

Dwight Eisenhower

America defends herself

List of Stories

Includes American Wars beginning with the War of 1812 through World War II 

A.D. 1957

John Dewey

Experimenting with Education

List of Stories

Resources for American History

Heritage History:

Classical Histories, Curriculum, and Study Aids
For History Lovers, Homeschoolers, and Independent Learners

The Freedom Series

The Story Hour Series:

Stories of Great Lives

Stories of History

Great Map Resource! 

 WonderMaps from Bright Ideas Press:    The concept is very simple - these are pdf maps that can be manipulated to show just what you need – you can add or subtract names, borders, rivers, color, cities, and physical features at will. Keep in mind that throughout you can print off any screen you create, which makes this a fantastic resource for many ages and skill levels – and a really great value. There are four main map categories on the home screen: World, USA, Historical, and Thematic.   Available at Rainbow Resource

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