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The Home Scholar is a great website, filled with many resources and tips, for home schooling high school students.

College Entrance for Home School Students

To enter most colleges and universities today, students are admitted on the basis of their SAT or ACT scores.  When students have attended accredited High Schools, their course GPA must be submitted along with their ACT/SAT score.  If credits and scores are high enough, the student is admitted.  However, if students have not attended accredited schools, they are admitted as “Non-Traditional Students,” based on their test scores.

There are at least five different ways Non-Traditional Students are allowed entrance into colleges and/or universities:

  • Admission based on Transcript and ACT or SAT score

A well-prepared transcript along with an ACT or SAT score may fill requirements for admission into college. Teascript creator (link to the left) or similar web services may be used to create a transcript.  Students are advised to visit with the admissions department of the college or university they want to attend for specific requirements for college entrance. 

  • Admission Based On GED/ACT Scores

Prospective students may be considered for admission based on an acceptable score on both the ACT (American College Test) and the GED (General Educational Development test).  Acceptable generally means a score of 60 or higher on the GED and an ACT composite score equal to the average for entering freshmen at a particular school.  

Please note:  As of January 2014 the GED has been aligned to the Common Core.  Before taking the GED, please learn about the changes so you can make an informed choice about the GED option.   Click here to read about one parent's concerns. 

  • Early Admissions

Most colleges and universities have a policy which allows a student to be admitted before their high school class graduates.  The policy varies by institution, but usually a grade point average above 3.20 is required, as well as an ACT composite score equal to or above the average ACT scores for entering freshmen.

  • Transfer Credits Taken Through Extension, Continuing Education, Or Independent Studies Programs

Most institutions will admit students to these programs as non-matriculated students (eligible for graduation) without official transcripts or test scores.  Students who choose to become matriculated may be accepted as a student upon completion of a minimum of 24 college semester credits with a GPA of approximately 3.00.

  • Obtaining a high school diploma from an accredited school: 

While many home school students are admitted to colleges and universities without a high school diploma, some families may prefer the security of knowing the high school diploma came from an accredited school.  These families may consider looking into:

  • American School:    American School is a private Distance Learning High School. Students may begin earning high school credit in 9th grade and use their high school diploma along with an ACT score to enter the college or university of their choice.  

  • Williamsburg Academy:   Williamsburg Academy is an online accredited private high school emphasizing leadership, liberal arts, and technology.   Williamsburg Academy was founded in 2008 by two educational entrepreneurs who believe in freedom and classical education. They have grown into a team of dedicated mentors who use the latest technology to deliver classical education to students.

  • Excel High School:    Excel High School offers convenient and affordable online options to complete a high school diploma online. All courses come complete with State Certified Instructors and everything you need to graduate high school online. Our online high school diploma programs are self-paced, and can be completed at your own pace.

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