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Hearthstone Education Plan

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Religious Studies:  Hearthstone Education Plan has been designed as a multi-denominational school plan.  A religion class at the beginning of the day is like dressing students in the armor of God before they dive into other subjects.   Students may select the scriptures of their choice during this first hour. The purpose is to anchor all learning to Biblical teachings of the existence of God, obedience to His commandments, and discovering true principles by which He governs the universe.  By beginning the day with religious studies, families will invite the spirit of God into the learning environment, and the study of all subjects will be enhanced. 

Math:  We offer several curriculum choices for math.  Parents are encouraged to select the option best suited for their child.  We provide a course road map that combines math curriculum from Kimber Academy with SIngapore Math for families who are interested.  The Kimber Curriculum is principle- based and encourages students to create their own math problems.  This approach to math requires the student to think at a different level, and the math principles become committed to memory.  

Science:  Science is a fascinating field of study when it is connect to the scriptural truths.  We believe that God is all-knowing and all-powerful.  With his expansive understanding of all the scientific disciplines, He created this earth for us to live.  We recommend scientific sources for study that are based on a belief in God and encourage a feeling of reverence for His creations.  Our lesson plans in science encourage the family to work together as they learn how and why God created the earth, plants, and animals for His children. 

Language Arts:  Language Arts includes all the skills necessary to effectively communicate with each other.  These include reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, oratory, and familiarity with great literature. We recommend a two-prong approach for a well-rounded language arts education.

    • Junior Language Arts includes some great children's literature that is incorporated into the Well-Educated Heart Story Resource Guide and is part of the history curriculum that will be used for group study.  During individual study time, students will be guided through a step-by-step progression in literary development.  This begins with learning how to read with decoding and fluency. When students move into the next stage of reading, they use their skills to discover new information, enlarge their world, and add to their vocabulary.  
    • Senior Language Arts includes a reading list of classic literature recommended for young men and young women.  We also provide course options for developing writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary. 

History:  History comes to life when studied with a Biblical perspective -- beginning with the Creation and exploring historical accounts through the ages.   Scripture Stories provide the foundation of our history program.  We build on this foundation by adding the Story of Mankind as recorded in great literature, historical accounts, art, and music.  

    • Junior History (up to age 12) incorporates the study guide from The Well-Educated Heart study guide.  Students cycle through a 12-month study guide each year to discover the power of story, music and art through the ages.  Students are encouraged to create "notebooks"  that illustrate and describe how students belong to a family, a community, a country, and a world. 
    • Senior History (ages 12 and older) incorporates the "Hook-Dates" from the Kimber Academy History curriculum.   The "hook-date" method of teaching history is remarkable in helping students remember the events, characters, and stories of history through the ages. Our history resources will include a list of stories that correspond to each hook date.   Senior students will create "notebooks" that illustrate and describe events in history from the Creation to the present day.  Notebooks will be organized by hook dates. Students may enroll in the Distance Learning option at Kimber Academy to access live video streaming of history classes.  

Electives:  With the school classroom days scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday, students have opportunity to participate in elective courses on Monday and Friday.  Electives include private music and dance lessons and/or community sports teams.  Liberty's Hope is the elective arm of the Hearthstone Education Plan.  Liberty's Hope provides:

  1. A directory of resources for a variety of elective courses.  Resources are organized into four categories:  The Heart, The Mind, The Might and The Strength. 
  2. Achievement program option for families who wish to create a youth club similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  
  3. Recognition program for completion of courses and projects in Liberty's Hope and the Hearthstone Education Plan

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