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Student-Created Scrapbooks and Textbooks

Students are encouraged to create their own scrapbooks or textbooks as they study history. Some homeschoolers refer to this as "notebooking".

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Scrapbooks (ages 4-8) 

Textbooks (ages 8-12)

Textbooks (ages 12+)

History:  History comes to life when studied with a Biblical perspective -- beginning with the Creation and exploring historical accounts through the ages.   Scripture Stories provide the foundation of our history program.  We build on this foundation by adding the Stories from History and Classic Literature which also includes art, poetry, and music. 

Junior History (up to age 12) incorporates the study guide from The Well-Educated Heart study guide.  Students cycle through a 12-month study guide each year to discover the power of story, music and art through the ages.  Students are encouraged to create "notebooks"  that illustrate and describe how they belong to a family, a community, a country, and a world. 

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History Notebooks include:
  • Primary (ages 4-8):  My Family 
  • Junior (ages 8-12):  I Love America!  (My Country)
                                   Countries of the World

Senior History (ages 12 and older) incorporates the "Hook-Dates" from the Kimber Academy History curriculum.   The "hook-date" method of teaching history is remarkable in helping students remember the events, characters, and stories of history through the ages. Our history resources will include a list of stories that correspond to each hook date.   Senior students will create "notebooks" that illustrate and describe events in history from the Creation to the present day. Notebooks will be organized by hook dates.

History Notebooks include:

  • The life and ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Old Testament and World History
  • Middle East and European History
  • American History
  • Religious History

 Note:  Students may enroll in the Distance Learning option at Kimber Academy to access live video streaming of history classes.  

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