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Language Arts

Language Arts

Language Arts may be defined as the communication and study skills necessary to build relationships, serve, teach, and lead others. In the Hebrew psychology model, the development of these skills fall in the category of “might.”

The slide show at the right explains how the garden allegory may be applied to developing language arts skills.

Please note:  The Garden Allegory is not intended to be a mechanical check off list for students, but rather an evaluation tool for quality resources that will educate both mind and heart.  Many resources have these principles woven into the fabric of their teaching materials.  We encourage parents to choose wisely. 


Language Arts Resources on Hearthstone:

The Course Road Maps for Primary and Elementary Language Arts  include reading material to teach Christian values, phonics instruction for decoding and spelling, and academic service projects to give purpose and meaning for learning Language Arts skills.  The following resources are used in the Course Road Maps:  

  • McGuffey Readers (Teaches decoding skills, grammar, comprehension while children read stories that teach Christian virtues and morals)
  • Explode the Code Phonics ( A phonics bestseller for over 30 years, Explode The Code has helped millions of students nationwide build the essential literacy skills needed for reading success: phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and spelling.)

When students move into Senior Language Arts they may choose to continue with McGuffey Readers and our course road maps or they may select short stories, poetry, novels, and biographies from a list of classic literature.  Parents may determine how much grammar and vocabulary practice their children should include.  We encourage ALL students to develop strong writing and speaking skills as a senior student.  Our favorite resources include:

  • A Beka Book  Literature, Spelling and Vocabulary books (A Beka has compiled an excellent collection of classical short stories and poems in their literature program.  Spelling and vocabulary books are designed to introduce words the students will encounter in the literature books for that age.)
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing  (This is a great writing program for students of all ages.)
  • Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens  (This book includes a book list especially for teenagers for a well-rounded education.)

How to find great literature:

We provide several links to literature resources and some reading lists for all age groups to help you find the best books for you and your family. Reading lists are available on Language Arts pages for each age group.   

Children's Literature is included in the Well-Educated Heart Study Guide that is used in group study of Stories from History and Classic Literature for children 4-12.  Many books for family and individual reading are included on this guide.

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