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Language Arts Senior

"A Must Read for today's youth and their parents."     -- Nicholeen Peck

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Language Arts


Please note:  Parents of struggling readers who have not yet participated in a phonics-based reading program may want to consider Logic of English - Essentials.  This is an excellent program that integrates phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and cursive writing into one program. 

Students who move into the Senior class should have well-developed decoding skills, understand basic spelling and phonics rules, and be familiar with basic grammar and parts of speech.  AFTER A STUDENT LEARNS TO READ, HE CAN READ TO LEARN.  Classic literature allows students to learn from the best minds of the centuries.  As students read, question, ponder, and debate material in classic works, they will develop great thinking skills, enlarge their vocabulary, and discover effective means of communication.  

Senior students are encouraged to design a language arts program that meets their specific needs and learning styles.  Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary/Spelling, and Writing are generally included in a complete language arts program.  In addition, we recommend an academic service project in conjunction with language arts skills.  An academic service project provides an opportunity for students to create and share something with others that utilizes the new skills they have developed. 

Discover how you can incorporate the McGuffey Readers into your Language Arts program by clicking on the link below:

Language Arts Resources

Writer's Workshop:  Youth 12 and older have already begun learning how to express themselves in writing.  At this age, they will develop and fine-tune their writing skills in writing narratives, short stories, poetry, letters, essays and research papers.  Our top choice for writing instruction is the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Your best information will be found directly on their website.  However, we have prepared some brief slide presentations to guide you through the basic concepts and introduce you to their writing course.  Click here.

We encourage you to check out the theme-based courses from Institute for Excellence in Writing.  These allow students to develop writing skills as they study history, science, literature, etc. 


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