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Mathematics is a great tool to teach:

Problem Solving Skills

Right and Wrong; True and False

Governing Self by Correct Principles

Faith and Obedience

The slide show to the right explains how the garden allegory may be applied to the study of math. 

Please note:  The Garden Allegory is not intended to be a mechanical check-off list for students, but rather an evaluation tool for quality resources that will educate both mind and heart.  Many resources have these principles woven into the fabric of their teaching materials.  We encourage parents to choose wisely. 


Math provides an opportunity to students to discover how God creates order in the universe with numbers, patterns, and geometric shapes.  As students apply the garden allegory to the study of mathematics, they will also learn to self-govern. Mathematics is an exact science where students learn how to apply correct mathematical principles to achieve consistent and reliable results.  This practice can be carried over into other areas of life as students discover true principles they can depend on to yield consistent results as they are applied correctly. There is harmony, safety, and protection in submission to proper principles and authority. Math becomes a vehicle in which students learn to exercise faith in and apply obedience to correct principles.  

Soil preparation is the first step of the garden allegory in the study of mathematics. Soil preparation occurs when children learn to have fun with numbers. This stage occurs mostly in Junior Mathematics but may be re-visited as necessary during the senior years.   Junior Mathematics is designed to provide initial preparation by providing activities and inspiring students to have fun with numbers and discover math applications to real life. As students enter Senior Mathematics they should be prepared to "plant and cultivate" math principles.  For this reason, math students begin applying the garden allegory as a senior student with seed selection as the first step.  

In the Hebrew psychology model, the development of these skills falls in the category of the “mind.”

Math Resources on Hearthstone: 

The course road maps for the senior mathematics course on Hearthstone include the following curricula:

  • Heavenly Father's Favorite Numbers from Kimber Academy  This book lays the foundation for students to find how God uses numbers and patterns to create order in the universe.

  • Singapore Mathematics   Singapore math receives excellent reviews, is reasonably priced, and incorporates teaching methods consistent with the garden allegory principles.  


Other Math Resources:  (Click here to view chart for comparing math programs)

We recognize that there is not ONE right math program for everyone. Every child has their own unique learning style and every family has their own unique set of circumstances.  Other favorite math resources of homeschooling families include:

Ray's Arithmetic (free video math lessons for the companion set to the McGuffey Readers)

Right Start Mathematics

Life of Fred


Math Mammoth

Abeka Math

CTC Math

Saxon Math

Teaching Textbooks

Your Teacher (Your personal math teacher)

TJed also has some great suggestions for teaching mathematics on this blog post:

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