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Senior Mathematics


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Senior Mathematics

This course is designed for students in the Junior B and Senior Classes.  (approximately aged 8 and older).

After children turn 8 years old they are ready to develop specific math skills and demonstrate their understanding of math principles.  We believe students will have a better foundation in mathematics if they understand how God uses numbers, shapes and patterns to bring order to the universe. The Kimber Academy textbooks  Heavenly Father's Favorite Numbers  help students see these heavenly patterns.  We encourage all children to complete the exercises in these textbooks before advancing into other math studies.  

Course Road Maps:

Our Course Road Maps use Singapore Mathematics.  Lesson plans include links to videos and interactive math instruction to help students understand the Singapore Method.  Students should be able to work independently through most of the learning modules.  A parent or mentor should be available to answer questions as needed. 

Senior Math 1:  Singapore 3A Textbook - US Edition


Senior Math 2:  Singapore 3B Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 3:  Singapore 4A Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 4:  Singapore 4B Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 5:  Singapore 5A Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 6:  SIngaproe 5B Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 7:  Singapore 6A Textbook - US Edition

Senior Math 8:  SIngapore 6B Textbook - US Edition


Other Math Resources:

Click here to see a comparison chart for math curriculum.

Math Videos

Math Tools

Continuing Math Studies:

After students complete the above courses, they will be ready to begin the following math sequence: 
  • College/University-bound Students:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus and Calculus
  • High School program students:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Consumer and Practical Math

 There are several options for students to continue their math studies including:  

College-Bound Students:  

  • Singapore Math Books provide instruction up through geometry and algebra with some trigonometry.  
    • Dimensions Mathematics from Singapore (This series has been aligned with Common Core standards but their great teaching methods remain unchanged.)    Students should complete the Primary mathematics series from Singapore math to be prepared for the Dimensions math books.
    • New Elementary Math from Singapore math is another great series that focuses on the "basics" of higher math, including algebra and geometry.  Students who have used math programs other than Singapore can transition easily into this math book. 
  • Teaching Textbooks (CD-video instruction and consumable textbooks)
  • Your Teacher (online math tutoring) 
  • CTC Math (online math tutoring)
  • Khan Academy (online math tutoring)
  • ALEKS:   Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces is a web-based, "artificially- intelligent assessment and learning system." ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. ALEKS then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn.
  • Enroll in Algebra 2 or higher math course at their local high school or community college.
  • Many universities offer early college courses for credit to high school students.


High School Program Students:

  • Continue math studies from your favorite provider through Algebra 1 and Geometry
  • If you use Singapore Math, use New Elementary Math Syllabus D Book 1 for Algebra 1 and Geometry
  • Click here to see more resources for Consumer and Practical Math. 

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