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Middle Eastern History

Welcome to Hook Date Middle East and European History!

Click here to download Essential Skills and Knowledge for Senior Middle Eastern History

Excellent Resources for Middle Eastern History: 

Kimber Academy:  Middle East and European History Volumes 1 and 2

This course if for students 12 and older.  Students who have participated in the Well-Educated Heart program will now have a reservoir of stories about the countries of the world.  This course will help students organize their stories in a time line and add to their knowledge for studying Middle East and European History in greater depth.

The "hook-date" method is a great way organize historical facts and stories. Students are encouraged to memorize the hook dates with their key personalities and dates at the beginning of this course.  They will be amazed at how easy it is for all the stories to fall into place with these hook-dates in mind.

Student-created history textbooks

We encourage students to create a "textbook" that illustrates and describes the events in Middle East and European. 

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To prepare a textbook follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a binder and design a cover page
  2. Organize the binder into 10 sections - one for each "hook date" listed below
  3. Add maps, illustrations, stories and writing samples that correspond to each of the "hook dates" 
  4. Continue to add to your World History Notebook for the next 6 years as you study Middle East and European History
  5. Great resource for timelines!

Discover where are these exciting events take place by completing a map activity for each hook date. 

A.D. 33

Jesus Christ

Fall of Jerusalem/Remembering Masada

List of Stories

A.D. 133

Emp. Constantine

Spread of Christianity

List of Stories

A.D. 600


Rise of Islam/ Roman Catholic Church Rules Europe

List of Stories

A.D. 1200

Sultan Saladin/King John

Muslims make Peace Treaties/The Crusades

List of Stories

A.D. 1492

Martin Luther/Columbus

Diverse religions split Europe/Battle of Granada

List of Stories

A.D. 1841

Orson Hyde/Theodore Herzl

Beginning of Zionism/The Jews seek a home

List of Stories

A.D. 1917

Vladimir Lenin/Chaim Weizmann

Russian Czars supplanted/Zionism is Recognized

List of Stories

A.D. 1948

Winston Churchill/David Ben-Gurion

Europe torn by World War II/Israel gains independence

List of Stories

A.D. 1967

Moshe Dayan/Yasir Arafat

A Victory for Israel/Rise of the P.L.O. in Israel

List of Stories

A.D. 1991

Saddam Hussein/Michael Gorbachev

Invasion of Kuwait/End of the Cold War

List of Stories

Additional Resources for Middle East and European History 

For advanced study:  

This book provides a great summary of this time period.  Edited by Beat Kumin    Available on Amazon

Heritage History:
Free online resource

 Classical Histories, Curriculum, and Study Aids  for History Lovers, Homeschoolers, and Independent Learners

Fun Video:  Click here to watch as 1000 years of European Borders Change

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