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Creating a Student Portfolio/Planner

A portfolio is a great way to keep a record of your child’s progress.  By combining the portfolio with planning pages it can serve a dual purpose for tracking goals and assignments as well as progress and achievements.  Portfolio/planners can be easily created and maintained using a standard three-ring binder. This is not only a great way to track your student’s goals and progress, it is something you and your child to do together and it can be a lot of fun. We have provided samples and templates for you to create your student portfolio.

What is a portfolio?

Home school portfolios are a form of student record keeping that documents educational progress. They illustrate what your child has learned, how it was accomplished, what resources were used and how much progress was made.

In its simplest form, a student portfolio is a kind of scrapbook of your child's school experience. It is a place where you can record assignments and test scores and track the progress of your child from year to year. As your child’s mentor, the student portfolio is an excellent medium for “mentor meetings” where you and your child can plan curriculum, choose books, and discuss their work and progress throughout the year.

Why create a portfolio?

Aside from the things already mentioned, a portfolio is a visual report that can be used to provide documentation to schools as needed or required. It is also a way to keep you as a teacher on track, to keep from duplicating efforts, and to have a place you can refer to for future planning with other students.

The portfolio process is a fun way to peek into your past learning experiences and see visual proof of the progress your child has made and the influence you have been in their lives through the learning process. And when your children look back at their books, they will see with their own eyes just how much they have learned and be reminded how much fun they had learning it.

What should be included in a portfolio?

At a minimum a student portfolio should include a log of educational activities that coincided with instruction such as field trips and science projects. It should also include samples of your students work such as writings, worksheets, a list of books read, and projects completed. Photos of art projects and field trips are an excellent thing to include and your child will love looking back and remembering all the places they have gone and things they done.

Some states require homeschool families to submit student portfolios each year. You should check with the rules of your state to see if this is a requirement and what they require you to include. A good place to go for this information is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) Their website lists the homeschool laws for each state. You can visit their website at

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