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Hearthstone Education Plan

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Primary Portfolio

Primary Planner and Portfolio
for children under 8 years old

A simple planning binder may be used for children under 8 years old.   Parents may use the binder as they plan learning experiences for their children.  It is a great tool for weekly mentor meetings and children may record their learning experiences for later reference.  

Planner Supplies:   One 3 Ring Binder,  Divider tabs (two sets of 5 tabs), Printed copies of the forms below. 

Scrapbooking supplies:   Five 1" binders, lined paper, blank paper, color pencils or crayons

Portfolio/Planner Organization

Section 1:  5 Page Dividers

1.  Learning Goals:   Make copies of the following forms to put in this section.  Parents may use the Quarterly Goals paper to identify learning experiences for young children to participate in during the next three months.  Include goals in each of the areas of Heart, Might, Mind and Strength.  (The Joy of participation is the key at this age.)  The 3 Month Calendar may be used to assist with scheduling and the Weekly compass may be used to plan more detail into the weekly plan. 
                                          Weekly Compass (Individual)

                                          Quarterly Goals (Individual)

                                          3 Month Calendar (Individual)

2.  Evaluations:  The following Participation Record may be included in this section.   Children will begin to receive evaluation for their work after they reach the age of accountability.  If parents choose to have any developmental or diagnostic testing done at this age, they may also include a summary of test results in this section.

                                           Participation Record Junior A

3.  Experiences/Activities:  This section of the portfolio is to record learning experiences such as field trips, camps, concerts, etc.  Pictures are  a great way to enhance this section of the portfolio and offer a visual summary of children's growth and learning. 

                                        Experiences/Activities Form

4.  RSLL Charts:   This section is used to maintain a list of Reading, Service, Leadership, and Life Skills.  If your family is participating in the Well-Educated Heart program from Libraries of Hope, they may use this section to track their reading from year to year as they rotate through the Story Resource Guide.  

                                      Reading Log - Books

                                      Reading Log - Poetry

                                      Reading Log - Short Story

                                      Nature, Art, and Music Series Reading Log (Well-Educated Heart)

                                      Story Hour Series Reading Log (Well-Educated Heart)

                                       Service Log

                                       Leadership Log

                                       Life Skills check list - Household chores

                                       Life Skills check list - Laundry

                                       Life Skills check list - Table setting

5.  Awards/Recognition:  This section is to record any awards or recognition that children may receive.  The Log file below is to list the awards.  Achievement certificates may also be presented at recognition evenings every three months.  Parents may design these on 8 1/2" x 11" paper to fit easily into the binder.   

                                     Awards/Recognition Log 

Section 2:  5 Page Dividers 

This section may be used to store the Benchmark Achievements for each subject in this age group. Reading lists may also be printed and included in the Language Arts Section 

1.  Religion  Families are encouraged to identify some benchmark achievements in Religious Studies that are consistent with family religious preferences. 

2.  History

Benchmark Achievements for Primary History

3.  Math

Benchmark Achievements for Primary Mathematics

4.  Science

Benchmark Achievements for Primary Science

5.  Language Arts

Benchmark Achievements for Language Arts

Reading List (ages 2-6)

Reading List (ages 5-8)

Student Created Scrapbooks - Primary

The children's scrapbook projects are a great item to include in their portfolio.  Simply keep the completed notebooks for students to share. Recommended notebooks for children under 8 include the Memory Gems, Literature Gems, Around the World, and Our Beautiful World scrapbook projects recommended by Well-Educated Heart. 

My Family (Age 4+):   Includes pictures and stories about immediate family and ancestors.  You may also include a section about the child's heavenly family.
           Instructions for My Family Scrapbook

Memory Gems (Age 4+):  Contains poetry or other works that you have memorized or are memorizing, starting with Mother Goose for little ones. Not organized in any specific way.  Self-illustrated. 

Literature Gems (Age 4+)
           Alphabetical divider tabs, arrange pages alphabetically by title of book or story.
           Each page includes title, author, when book was written, time and setting of story. You can also add a brief line about plot. Self-illustrated, 
                      use shrunk down illustrations from books, or just add designs for color.
            Include stories or books that have ‘gems’ you want to hold on to.

Around the World (Age 5+)
            Alphabetical divider tabs,  arrange pages alphabetically by nation.  
            Include maps, pictures of crafts children make, paper doll costumes, recipes, holiday traditions, landmarks, foreign words, games, etc.

Our Beautiful World (Age 5+):   Includes writing samples and pictures (hand-drawn and from magazines or brochures) about the beautiful world God created for us.  
           Divider tabs:   Stars, Ocean, Rocks, Plants, Birds, Animals, Insects, The Human Body.

            Page ideas:
                    Cover page designed and created by child
                    Hand drawings or paintings of any of God's creations
                    Copy work of scriptures related to the different creations
                    Pictures or photographs of God's creations
                    Writing samples from the child about scientific topics
                    Collections (leaf, feathers, pictures of rocks, etc.)

               Sample Nature Studies Notebook
                Keeping a Nature Journal
                Nature Journal ideas from Donna Young

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