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Hearthstone Education Plan

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Primary Science:  Ages 0-10

Nature Studies:  Discover the Wonder of Creation

A love of science starts with a sense of wonder. Help your children see the world with new eyes. “If the trees and flowers, the clouds and the wind, all tell wonderful stories to the child, he has sources of happiness of which no power can deprive him.”

-From Well Educated Heart

A few simple supplies are all that is needed to begin

Time for exploring 
Magnifying Glass
Sketching supplies


A heart based science program begins with Nature Studies for young children.

We love the stories on the Well Educated Heart site!  These wonderful stories in combination with exploring our beautiful world provide a strong science foundation for children to build upon.

The following resources provide great instruction for creating a Nature Study program for your children. 

How Nature Study Should Be Taught by Edward Bigelow

Handbook of Nature Study

Blog:  How we use Nature Study

Create a Nature Journal (on Hearthstone)

Beginning at age 8, we encourage children to begin a more systematic approach to science using Science in the Beginning from Berean Builders.  Families may continue to enjoy the stories from the Nature, Art and Music Series while participating in the science experiments from Science in the Beginning. 

More resources to use for family science activities. 

Creation - 1st Day   (Light/Physics)

Creation - 2nd Day  (Water/Chemistry)

Creation - 3rd Day   (Geology/Botany)

Creation -  4th Day (Astronomy)

Creation - 5th Day  (Zoology/Biology)

Creation - 6th Day  (Physiology/Biology)

Engaging Stories to Develop a Child's Sense of Wonder

Available for purchase from Well Educated Heart

Month 1:

1st Day:  Light and Colors

Month 2: 

2nd Day:  Ocean and Sea Life

Month 3: 

3rd Day: Land and Sea


Month 4:  

3rd Day - Plants

Month 5:

4th Day - The Sun and Solar System

Month 6:

5th Day - Fish and Birds


Month 7:

6th Day - Animals

Month 8:

6th Day - Creeping Things

Month 9:

6th Day - Human Beings

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