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Religious Studies

A Multi-Denominational Approach

As students study the Bible and increase their understanding of their Creator and Father in Heaven, they prepare their hearts to understand all subjects.  We encourage all families to begin their school day with religious studies using books and documents of their choice.  Several resources are listed below.  We welcome members of all denominations to join us.  

The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

Regardless of the religious curriculum you choose, we encourage families to dedicate the first 4-6 weeks of each school year to learn more about the life and mission of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Old and New Testament.  The outline below guides students through faith-building experiences as they record and create a journal of scripture stories and quotes about Jesus Christ.  By beginning each school year with a study of Jesus Christ, students are building their educational house on the rock. 

PDF download:  Using the Garden Allegory to Develop Faith in Jesus Christ

Top Choice Resources for Multiple Faiths:

Influence of Religion in America

Available through Kimber Curriculum

The New Testament - A Perspective Study

Available through Kimber Academy

The Story Bible: 

Available through

More resources


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