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Religion in America

Influence of Religion in America

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Learn History through Storytelling!

What better way to learn history than through the stories that have been handed down through the ages.  We recommend students use the "hook-date" method to organize historical facts and stories in their mind and for families to discover history together by sharing great stories.  See chart below for some of our favorites stories organized by the ten "hook dates" of Ancient History.

 (Hook-dates are part of the Kimber History Curriculum.)

Students are encouraged to memorize the hook dates with their key personalities and dates.  They will be amazed at how easy it is for all the stories to fall into place with these hook-dates in mind. 

Mapping Activities for Hook Dates

Discover where these exciting events take place by completing a map activity

 for each hook date.

We are currently compiling a list of stories to correspond with the following hook dates.  Please contact us If you would like to recommend a story or book for our list. 

A.D. 1529

Henry VIII

England breaks from Rome

A.D. 1791

George Mason

Religion protected by law

A.D. 1890

Sigmund Freud

Attacks on religious beliefs

A.D. 1991

Billy Graham

"America, you're too young to die!" 

A.D. 1620

John Robinson

America seeks spiritual roots

A.D. 1831

Alexis de Tocqueville

Pulpits aflame with righteousness

A.D. 1925

John Scopes

Religion is "born again"

A.D. 1735

John Wesley

The growth of Christianity

A.D. 1864

Salmon P. Chase

"In God We Trust"

A.D. 1962

Madalyn O'Hair

Atheism invades the schools 

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