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Hearthstone Education Plan

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School Options

What are my options?

This seems to be the first question parents ask when they are concerned about their child's education. 

1st: Learn the education laws in your state

Education laws vary from state to state so it is important to learn the law in your own state.  Local education facebook groups are a great place to ask questions.  You may also check out these websites to help you in your search:  

2nd:  Consider your options

  • Local brick and mortar schools
  • Charter schools
  • Public online schools

All public schools receive government funding and are under government control and testing. 

Many school districts offer online options for classes that can be used towards graduation requirements. This allows families to create a schedule where students attend the local school part time and participate in online classes part time. 

  • Brick and mortar schools
  • Distance learning schools

Several excellent choices are available including accredited and non-accredited institutions. Price varies. 

Private and home school students may take courses from the local public school as long as the private school receives no government funding. Check your state laws for details.

Several providers offer complete curriculum packages for each grade.  Options include:

See our Religion page for more options designed for specific religious beliefs.

Parents customize the learning environment and resources according to the needs of the family and children.  They may be guided by education philosophies such as: 

Traditional -        Includes textbooks, worksheets,    quizzes, tests, 180-day school year
Classical - in-depth study of the classics.  Examples include:  

      *A Well-Trained Mind

      *Thomas Jefferson Education

Living Books or Charlotte Mason
Unit Study -thematic approach
Unschooling -natural learning or self-directed learning
Eclectic -flexible and individualized

3rd:  Remember to educate the heart

The Hearthstone Education Plan will give families a liberty focus in their education regardless of the school choice they make. This is accomplished as parents remember to educate the heart and instill the values and heritage that made this country great. The condition of the heart will determine the child's direction, dedication, happiness, and success in life.  The Hearthstone Education Plan along with the garden allegory will offer many ideas for families to maintain this focus. 

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