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Hearthstone Education Plan

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The Garden Allegory

The Vineyard of Education: 

 Click here to see a sample school day using the garden allegory. 

The garden allegory is a simple model to show how to educate the heart.

The metaphors are simple enough for the beginning educator to understand and apply yet deep enough to provide educational insights for a lifetime. 

Available from HomeMakers for America

Parents and educators can apply the garden allegory to . . . 


. . . Teach Values


. . . Nurture Hearts


. . . Inspire Intelligence

Click here to listen to Sandcastles, Diamonds, and Singing Songs of Joy by Marlene Peterson and discover the value of stories for a well-educated heart. 

The garden allegory can be applied to all learning.  Students may use this process to learn a math concept, a scientific principle, or a religious doctrine.  It may be also be applied to acquiring new skills and developing virtues and values within the character. .

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